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Interchanges with Other Sites

Train GIFs... - LOTS of train GIFs. Lots of background and history information on the hobby. Lots of links to other GIFers. A Tutorial on animating the GIF scenes.

Banks of the Susquehanna by Brian Clough - The originator of the Java Script that animated the scenes.

Skytop45 - Numerous GIFs and a nice scene. His GIFs of the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha's got me started into this hobby. by David Cooley - In with his other Railfan material he has Train GIFs. His West Tacoma Scene appeared to have some photo based elements in it and was my inspiration to do fully photo based scenes.

Scale Train Drawings...

Michael Eby's Trainiax pages - He includes a large collection of thoroughly scaled profile drawings of locomotive and cars. A great help for making the GIFs.

The Railroad Paint Shop - More thoroughly scaled profile drawings of locomotive and cars. A great help for making the GIFs.

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad material...

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad - The official corporate website. It's got quite a few great photos among some other cool stuff for the railfan.

Wisconsin & Southern Fan Site - Lots of good photos of the WSOR. - Ray Peacock's railfan site with TONS of very professional photos of the WSOR.

Useful Stuff... - I.mage! image editor freeware. I'm very happy with this one for drawing the GIFs as well as editing the scenery photos. - Alleycode is a very nice HTML editor freeware. If you need to edit your webpages directly in the raw code, this one is pretty darned good and it was recommended to my by a professional Web Designer/Developer. I build my websites directly in HTML using this program for best control and most universally compatible code, but then, writing computer code and programs is a big part of what I do for a living...

Other Stuff...

Splinters of Reality - My other big hobby, wargaming and painting of the miniatures. Have a look. It's worth seeing at least once...

Twinsburg Wargaming Association - The site for the club I play miniature wargames with.